I very much enjoy photography and the story behind photos. I love candid photos as well as the tranquil beauty of landscapes, whether it’s a serene Midwest rolling farm scenic or a photo of the rushing power of the Pacific Ocean.

A favorite of mine. I took this photo when I was in La Jolla, California at Windansea Beach.

This photo was taken at a wonderful match played by Sporting Kansas City against LA Galaxy at Livestrong Sporting Park. SKC ended up winning 1-0 at home.

The photo below is a shot of the Caribbean Sea from the sandy shores of a Mexican beach.

In December 2012 I once again visited San Diego, California. This was shot as a surfer was coming out of his duck dive and the spray from the crashing wave just so happened to produce a rainbow. I thought it was pretty cool.

Surfer and Rainbow

What a great Christmas present to receive: a beautiful sunset on December 25th, 2012. Again, the photo was taken in San Diego.

California Sunset


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