I am a soccer fan (obviously), and I love the Olympics, cooking, the Midwest (especially Chicago and my home state of Minnesota), peanut butter (it could be a food group for me), all four seasons (embrace winter, people…), travel – yes, that includes airports – as well as getting new stamps in my passport, Trader Joe’s Chai, and trying to learn new languages, all the while living a grace-filled life.

Here are a few photos – with semi-lengthy captions – for you to get to know me (and my rambling) better.

Tottenham Hotspur visited Chicago in July 2014. I was lucky enough to watch open training as well as meet the players, in addition to seeing the Spurs beat the Chicago Fire, 2-0. The first photo is from the open training while the second photo is from the game (with my dad).

Open Training with Chi Spurs ladies

Fire vs. Spurs 1

A few months later…

When I lived in Chicago, there was a group of us Spurs supporters who decided to head on over to London. One of the greatest decisions I’ve made. Since I love London, it was lovely to get re-acquainted with the city and its people (as shown by the first photo in this set at Borough Market getting a chorizo sandwich and Meantime beer), in addition to going to a soccer match. Annoyingly Spurs lost, but post-match was fantastic as Chicago Spurs were invited – thanks to Sweden Spurs – to a Spurs Legends “dinner” (I ended up not getting food so was extremely hungry after the dinner when we grabbed post-post-match beers not shown in these photos).


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