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That’s So Spursy

A. That’s so Spursy…

“Failing” at the last moment. Choking. Not being clutch. An embarrassment.


B. That’s so Spursy…

Doing everything with your whole heart. Putting it all out on the line. Kicking ass regardless of the end result. Being proud of who you are: a Tottenham Hotspur Football Club player.


Now, I know many people – yes, even some Spurs fans – who believe that ‘That’s so Spursy’ is a better indication of the A statement.

However, why can’t it – why ISN’T it – the B statement?

Now, I’ve supported Tottenham Hotspur Football Club since 1996. That’s 20 years. Yes, Tottenham have had tough times; yes, I’ve taken many, many linguistic ‘attacks’ on me being a Spurs fan – and that should be said, there’s 95% no retaliation of words when I do get ‘attacked’. But, let’s get one thing right – I’ve always been proud to be a Tottenham Hotspur Football Club supporter.

Now, for those of you who aren’t Spurs fans, let’s look through our history: THFC was established in 1882 (earlier, might I add, than Arsenal (1886), Chelsea (1905), West Ham (1895/1900), QPR (1886), Crystal Palace (1905), Millwall (1885), but…later than fellow London club Fulham – that was founded in 1879)…so if anything, there’s a little timeline for you), won the ‘double’ in 1960/61 season (aka the FA Cup and the League), and last won the League Cup in 2008 with players such as Robbie Keane and Ledley King. Also, some of our key – and beloved – players over the years: Bill Nicholson (may he rest in peace), Pat Jennings, Jurgen Klinsmann, David Ginola, Gary Lineker (hmm…maybe I shouldn’t put him down because he’s all ‘I love Leicester’ these days), Robbie Keane, Luka Modric, Ledley King, Gareth Bale, Hugo Lloris, Michael Dawson, Christian Eriksen, Harry Kane, Toby Alderweireld, Danny Rose, and Kyle Walker.


The last few years have been rough for me when in relation to getting vitriol and hate towards Tottenham from other club’s fans, even with me being nice and non-confrontational (a lot of it is because I really don’t like confrontation) with those supporters. Since I’ve been working in and around soccer for the past few years – professionally for over 6 months and ‘recreationally’ (would that be the right word for writing a soccer blog? Whatever, I’m using it…) for about 3 years – it’s been so interesting that mainly Chelsea and Arsenal fans get so hyped and prodded even without a catalyst. From my experience, they go after Tottenham, and their fans, for being ‘Spursy’ and that’s often with knowing they say things because they want to get the reaction.

So Spurs fans – don’t let them get that reaction. Especially Chelsea and Arsenal fans, they don’t deserve to get under our skin.


Now, back to being Spursy. Whatever some fans may own Spursy as, I’m going to try to take it back. If you’d like to join my current-one-woman crusade, please do so. I’ve been extremely proud for 20 years (which is 20 years and counting) to be a Tottenham Hotspur supporter and that won’t stop.


Tottenham players grind out games. They give matches their whole heart. They’re disappointed when games don’t end the way they want and are ecstatic – but know there’s always room for improvement – when matches do end gloriously. Tottenham cultivates young players to play to their potential and strive for greatness. Spurs players play with grit and heart and determination and attitude and finesse and pride.


So with all that said…you know what? I’m going with statement B.


B. That’s so Spursy…

Doing everything with your whole heart. Putting it all out on the line. Kicking ass regardless of the end result. Being proud of who you are: a Tottenham Hotspur Football Club player.


*Editor’s (me being the editor) note*: Please keep in mind that when I wrote this little ditty last weekend, I had already had a few glasses of wine (and that’s after not having any alcohol for about a month) and was getting emotional over seeing the Cubs (Yes, I realize I’m from Minnesota and am as much of a Twins fan as I am a Vikings/Wolves/Lynx fan…which means that I’m a fan just because I grew up there but don’t watch too much. (But certainly Go Wild!) But, I did live in Chicago so I know how much the Cubs in the 2016 WS means to many of my long-suffering friends and family in the Chicagoland area and in the Midwest – I did live in Des Moines for about 9 years and that’s where the Chicago’s farm team is – the Iowa Cubs. Anyways…) in the World Series and hearing /reading on Twitter the comparisons of the Cubs being Spursy. Therefore, I obviously ended up writing this (I’m patting my back right now for not Snapping or texting while buzzed instead.). I did edit it but if you see any egregious errors, I apologize, and I can only ask that the next time I write, you’ll still read my ramblings. 🙂



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