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Spurs vs. Palace (*That* Dele Alli Goal)

Tottenham played Crystal Palace today. It was a lovely day in Chicago, with temps in the mid-20s with a crisp feeling in the air.

Watching with Chicago Spurs, as I usually do, was a terrific time as always.

Yet…today was different.

Dele Alli, an England international and 19-year old midfielder for Tottenham, had a sensational goal for Spurs. Magnificent, thrilling, fantastic, superb. Whatever adjective you use will suffice. This goal was a thing of beauty. AND, to add to Alli’s goal, one of my Spurs faves – the Belgian Nacer Chadli – also netted a wonderful strike of a goal. Although Chadli’s had power and finesse, Alli’s had power, finesse, technique, and was just something out of this world.

See for yourself. Wow.

(Video posted on Facebook from NBC Sports Soccer.)


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