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In-form North London Derby

This is the kind of North London Derby (NLD) that Tottenham and Arsenal supporters love – and loathe. Both teams are in-form, both teams are (as usual) wanting the win – Spurs because it’s away at the Emirates; Gunners because it’s a home match and after a 5-1 slaughter at Bayern Munich – and both teams and supporters of both teams, let’s face it, want the satisfaction of beating their most hated rival.
This is the second of three matches that Spurs and Gunners play each other this season: the first was a 2-1 win by Arsenal in the Capital One Cup, while this is the first of two Premier League matches in the ’15-’16 season.

Now, if you’ve ever wondered, why I/Spurs fans don’t like Arsenal, check out my previous blog posts: here or part 2 here.

Or, check out this great video from Copa90 on the North London Derby.

Just remember…it’s all about Spurs. COYS.

Danny Blanchflower Tottenham Hotspur Quote

“The game is about glory…and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom.”


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