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Tottenham Hotspur and a visit to White Hart Lane

I was recently in England during a vacation to Europe. I’ve been to Europe before, and I love it. I love the history and the culture and, no matter what people say to you, if you’re nice to whoever lives in the city you visit, more than likely, they’ll be nice back.

But London is something special; not just because the citizens speak English but because London is great because yes, I actually like British food, as well as the history of England, nice tea, and lovely football.

Now since this was the first time I was in London during football season, I was able to attend one of those aforementioned lovely football clubs matches. Even though it was a Europa League match, I was finally – and I mean, FINALLY – able to go to a Tottenham Hotspur game. And it was tremendous.

Tottenham vs. Partizan Belgrade Kickoff

Kick Off

Before going to the match, I went to a pub and even being there was amazing. The history of the Bill Nicholson was rich with photos, scarves, and memorabilia hanging on the wall. Even with me being a girl (one of the about 5 girls there besides the bartenders), all the people there welcomed me with enthusiasm.

The Bill Nicholson

Exterior of The Bill Nicholson

Then, on the quick walk to White Hart Lane, I was overcome with the feeling on excitement and pride. This was the home of the soccer team that I support and I was there for the first time. It was a bit surreal but I was ready for it.

Corner Kick

Erik Lamela taking a corner kick 

The match ended as a Spurs win, 1-0, with the goal coming from Benji Stambouli, his first for the club.

Celebrating Benji Stambouli's goal

Celebrating Benji Stambouli’s goal

Along with a win, I was able to go on the White Hart Lane tour. With a great tour guide, a small group was able to see part of the ins and outs of the home of Tottenham Hotspur.

Seven Sisters tube station

Seven Sisters tube station

Entrance to White Hart Lane

Entrance to White Hart Lane

Player kits hanging up in the home dressing room

Player kits hanging up in the home dressing room

Sitting in front of Harry Kane's kit

Sitting in front of Harry Kane’s kit

Tunnel to the pitch

Tunnel to the pitch

With the 1961 double winning cups

With the 1961 double winning cups

And in the end, a Spurs game and tour ended up being two amazing highlights from an already fantastic vacation.

Danny Blanchflower quote

Danny Blanchflower quote


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