A year in Chicago

365 days. A lot can happen in a year.

And one year ago yesterday I started my first day of work at my job in Chicago as a Social Media Specialist (now my title is Content Strategist) at a marketing and advertising company. Since that Monday, August 26th, I have had highs and lows happen but the most important thing was – and is – to take them in stride.

Since I’m a bad news person first, the main low this past year was that two of my grandparents passed away within about 5 months of each other.

On the other hand, the highs of this past year outweighed the lows as highs include my job, meeting new people here in Chicago, being able to spend time with my Chicago Spurs ‘family,’ starting to write a Sporting Kansas City column on Soccer Newsday, gaining and maintaining relationships with people near and far…to name just a few.

Moving from Des Moines to Chicago was a big change and oftentimes I can’t believe I did it, but the decision to move showed…me…that regardless of the situation, it’ll all work out in the end. It’s so simple but so true. It’ll work out. It has and it does work out; but also knowing that life is ever evolving gives me solace that if I have other big decisions such as moving away from a city I’ve lived in for nearly 9 years for a new job, that I can do it…because I’ve done it and it’s worked out just fine.

But like I said, a lot can happen in a year. I’m ready for the next 365 days.


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