September USMNT WCQ

No matter how many times the USMNT play Mexico, no matter how good either team is (i.e. where each team is placed in FIFA rankings), no matter what’s happened in the past, this rivalry will always be a heated affair.

On September 10th, 2013, the USMNT take on Mexico in Columbus – the field where the famed ‘Dos a cero’ match took place in 2005 as part of the 2006 World Cup qualifiers. That game included goals from Ralston and Sir DaMarcus Beasley: 

Most recently, however, the games – which have been dominated by El Tri in the past – seem to have taken a new look with the US putting in better shifts, better goals, better teamwork. It looks that during the Mexico vs. USMNT matches, we’re seeing a figurative changing of the guard. And though the FIFA rankings are a bit arbitrary and somewhat superfluous, the USMNT – for the last released rankings list (i.e. the next ones are released September 12) – made it into the Top 20 (in at 19) and moved past Mexico, which is at 20.

With the friendly, albeit historic, 1-nil win in August 2012 (with the game winner coming from Michael Orozco-Fiscal) and the World Cup qualifying 0-0 draw at Estadio Azteca, the USMNT look to continue their winning ways at the Columbus Crew Stadium next week.  

Before the USAvMEX storied rivalry, first the US has to play Costa Rica in San Jose. The thing is: Costa Ricans are still stewing from the SnowClasico – the World Cup Qualifier that took place in March, in Colorado, in a downright blizzard – and they’re coming up with interesting ways to deter the US from playing the best game possible. Those hindrances include a cow semi-disrupting Klinsmann’s interview (found via  to good old fashioned Costa Rican heckling (with a cameo from Russell Brand? – no, not really) from Omar Gonzalez’s instagram and to rumors of a planned traffic jam. And although the USMNT has not won in Costa Rica, with the Yanks riding a 12-game win streak, the team is confident in their play and look to take the three points in Costa Rica.

Let’s just hope there’s no act of God (hurricane, tornado, blizzard, etc.) this time.

Well, on second thought, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if there were a blizzard. We already know how to win in inclement weather against Costa Rica.


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