Goodbye, Des Moines

So after nearly eight years of living in Des Moines, I have accepted a job in Chicago.

Therefore, I’ve decided to bring you a little rundown of my life in Iowa, soccer, and how it’s been intertwined, throughout my college years and after graduation from Drake.

The four years of attending (and subsequently graduating from) Drake University, I had the opportunity to be on numerous intramural indoor and outdoor soccer teams. And yes, just as you probably presumed, this is post is being written by an intramural champion.

In addition to playing soccer during college (though it was just for fun, I am quite competitive, so those ‘Intramural Champion’ shirts were the pinnacle of my soccer success in college), I have volunteer coached the past 8 summers for an inner city soccer league in Des Moines. One of the highlights for me each summer is to coach the kids – a few years previous I coached younger ages, the past three years, high school. The greatest thing I enjoy about Central City Soccer is seeing the progress of the high schoolers, whether it is their skills in soccer, improvement in their academics, or seeing stability in their personal lives.

CCS 2009 1

CCS 2010 4

CCS 2010 3


CCS 2011 2

CCS 2012 1

CCS 2013 2

CCS 2013 1

Friday Night Soccer

Living in Des Moines and loving soccer hasn’t been the easiest, though, as there are no MLS teams, the USMNT does not come for games (nor do I think they should), and most people are huge Iowa or Iowa State football fans and most don’t really care for soccer. However, living in Des Moines also has its pluses, as it’s a three-hour drive to Kansas City – which is the closest city with a MLS team, Des Moines does have the Menace (of which Colorado Rapids’ Deshorn Brown (2011) and Seattle Sounders’ Lamar Neagle (2007-08) have been part of the team), and the offerings at different sports facilities to play adult recreational indoor soccer.

Menace 1

Menace 2

Menace 3

Beaverdale FC

You can see that soccer has been part of my life growing up and now as an adult, and because the sport that I love has introduced me to some amazing people, I would not change my involvement in it.

But one thing I do know, though I will be geographically located in Chicago, I will not become a Chicago Fire fan. I will support the Fire at games I attend, but don’t be fooled, I am a Sporting Kansas City fan at heart.



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