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Sporting KC vs. Chicago Fire – MLS regular season 16/3/13

A windy and somewhat gloomy day did not dampen the supporter’s spirits for Sporting Kansas City’s home opener at Sporting Park on Saturday, March 16th. The crowd, including me, came ready to ‘scarf up,’ and yell loudly for KC. The result did not end as I would have liked – even with the nearly 73% possession for Kansas City and the 20 shots (only 3 on goal, however) – as Chicago Fire and Kansas City drew 0-0 for this game, the third match in the 34-game MLS regular season.

I was duly impressed with Orlando City loanee, Mechack Jerome, as he logged his first start for Sporting Kansas City, and MLS, with Saturday’s game. He had good eyes for the field of play and great awareness of where Chicago players were, as well as their next movements. Not only did Jerome’s play intrigue me, but Soony Saad – who came in as a substitute for Benny Feilhaber in the 77th minute – added fresh legs and the extra oomph that had been missing for some of the game. Nearly two minutes after coming into the game, Saad had a shot – one of the 3 shots on goal – that went dangerously close to the post.

Below, find some photos of the first half of the game. (I watched the second half with no camera interference.)

First of all, shout out to the Cauldron for this TIFO. Nice work.

KC Home Opener TIFO

And now to the death…er, to start the game.

SKCvCHI start

A Besler kick…

Besler kick

Leads to a Zusi flick…

Zusi flick

Jerome with probably one of the many shots…

Jerome kick

in which Johnson barely grabs a hold of it with everyone looking on

Johnson ball

And this is where Feilhaber should shoot it.


Rosell with control


Besler with a ‘set piece’ throw-in. His are infamous.

Besler throw-in

I believe this is where Sapong was hip-checked in the box. Clearly, the people around me did NOT like the no-call.

Sapong hip-checked

A glancing header from Bieler that hit the top of the net. Also, I really don’t think you should tug a shirt that badly, sir.

Shirt tug and Bieler header

Zusi preparing for his free kick. And yes, that requires 10 yards.

10 yards

And the kick. (And for real, sick kits.)

Zusi free kick

Sapong controlling the ball.


Where the magic will happen this season…

Sporting Park


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