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The Whole (Soccer) Kit…and Caboodle

It’s a new year, which means new kits and that means, ladies and gents, it’s Jersey Week.

Although a jersey’s look doesn’t equate to a team’s win-loss record throughout the year, and has no bearing on how they perform on the pitch, a team needs to look good while (hopefully) winning.

This week was Major League Soccer’s jersey week which meant multiple unveilings of new primary, secondary and tertiary kits for teams. As I saw lots and lots of tweets and postings on the jerseys, something sparked inside of me and set off a firestorm of thoughts and an onslaught of head shakings for the ones I didn’t appreciate and unnecessary ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ for the jerseys I liked.

That said, let’s run down a list, along with my uber-scientific, fashion-forward, and completely unbiased (cough) opinion on the look of MLS jerseys for the 2013 year…


SeattleSeattle Sounders FC Kit

Love the primary. They stuck with their signature green and added the teal blue as piping. Nice touch of the Space Needle on the right chest. What I don’t like, however, is the secondary jersey. Nice color, but for some reason the ‘mosaic’ is blinding and if that vertical stripe were likened to a form of music, it’d be electronica. Not necessary.


LA GalaxyLA Galaxy Kit

Decent primary jersey. As with the USMNT jersey, it has the diagonal stripe, which I like. One tidbit to the jersey that rubs me the wrong way is the tag at the bottom that says, ‘This is LA.’ Is it supposed to be some sort of push button that pipes Sheryl Crow songs through the jersey?


Sporting KCSporting Kansas City Kit

I like it. A lot. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s Sporting. I like the distinction between the light and navy blue; Kansas and Missouri; but also that it’s one club. The sponsor, Ivy Funds, looks great and has nice placement, and the back is slick with the Sporting Club badge near the nape of the neck. (*This specific opinion is completely unbiased*)


Montreal ImpactMontreal Impact Kit

Classy third jersey. My first impression is that a man could wear this jersey as a polo out to dinner…okay, maybe not going that far, but with that collar, it looks swell. Also, nice spot for the Canadian flag on the sleeve as well as the BMO sponsor – red and white contrast with the blue and black vertical stripes. Reminds me of European clubs, and that’s not said in a bad way.


VancouverVancouver Whitecaps Kit

I like it. Just like the team itself, I think the jersey is a little underrated but simple and classic. I think it’s a great homage to the Cascadian mountain range that the stripes on the front of the kit are now angled. Also, I like the touch of 1974 on the back as well as the two-toned neck.


TorontoToronto FC Kit

Not my favorite, but not the worst kit in the world. I like that they’re incorporating the two shades of red along with the black and gray. Not only do they have the Canadian flag on the sleeve (a la Montreal and Vancouver), but there is no doubt Torontonians (is that what they’re called?) are from Canada with the maple leaf dominating the front of the jersey. Also, the club slogan, ‘All for One,’ is on the back. Who knew? I just thought that was a Three Musketeers thing.


PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Union Kit

I have mixed feelings on the latest Philly Union jerseys. Let me take a minute to process…

My thoughts…I like it, to a point. The throwback tertiary jersey is pretty sick. Why Bimbo doesn’t have THAT as their branding right now is crazy, but I really do like it, granted, that’s just the sponsor. I like the black color and the Union on the left chest, but the B in the bottom corner is throwing me off. I understand it’s a retro-esque jersey, but I think that the Bethlehem Steel FC will get lost in translation with non-soccer fans and will only confuse them even more.

Otherwise, the primary is okay. I don’t like gold in the first place, so I’m not feeling it too much. And the secondary, well, let’s just say, it would have to grow on me if I were a Union fan.


New York Red BullsRBNY Kit

Meh. Maybe it’s because, besides Dax McCarty and Heath Pearce, I don’t really like New York. Either way, I’m indifferent. Not much seems to have changed, although I do like the Red Bulls on the back of the primary kit. The secondary jersey is a bit better with the navy blue background. Step it up next year – jersey-wise – Red Bulls.


ColoradoColorado Rapids Kit

Hot stuff. Love them. Just for the jersey’s sake I wish I were a Rapids fan because I’d snatch up both primary and secondary kits. The maroon is still there as the classic first kit, but what makes it special is the fact that the darker maroon piping in big horizontal stripes is every season ticket holder’s name. Big props to Colorado for making that happen. And the secondary jersey makes me want to melt. The cyan-ish blue with red and yellow piping is a magnificent representation of the Colorado flag. I’m clapping right now for you, Rapids. Well done.



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